Bugatti is re-entering the powerboat industry, and they’re doing it in typical Bugatti style.

Bugatti has recently teamed up with boat maker, Palmer Johnson of Wisconsin, to design and produce Bugatti’s latest product vision, high-end sports yachts. No, they aren’t trying to hit their usual goal of 276mph although we wouldn’t be surprised if they tried. This new line, christened Niniette, is instead designed primarily for luxury. With classic Bugatti attention to detail, the line is designed with customary exotic wood elements and high end metals and carbon finishing and only hits a top speed of 43¬†MPH. To be honest we’re a bit disappointed that they couldn’t at least break 50 MPH.

They are planning to release 3 different models ranging from 42 to 88 feet, each featuring above and below deck salons completely customizable by the purchaser upon ordering. But don’t get your hopes up for one soon. The cheaper model¬†costs approximately $2.2 million to start and take at least a year to produce and customize.

Leave it to Bugatti to bring their customary flair into the boating sector. We look forward to seeing what they come up with next.