Wanting something to make a big splash at this week’s Miami International Boat Show, the Nor-Tech Team set set out to produce their first outboard engine-powered center console to break the 100-mph barrier. And with a new Sport 3900—hull No. 100 since the model was introduced in 2010—powered by quad Mercury Racing Verado 400R outboards on jack plates, they did exactly that and saw the boat hit a GPS-recorded 101 mph last Friday.


Nor-Tech’s owner Trond Schou said the 39 was fully equipped, standard full T-top, a heavy stereo system,additional row of bolsters, a sliding cooler/seat, and a host of other amenities.
It was a long pull with the GPS reading 100, 99, 101, 100 and so on. It hung there throughout the run. With five people on board, we got 98 mph in the run before that so we we’re pretty sure we’d get it.”

“The neatest part about the boat is I could take any 39 they ever built and duplicate this performance—this is a factory production hull, not a ‘speed run’ boat,” he continued. “There’s nothing ‘lightened up’ about it. The engines are right out of the crates. It is completely itemized with everything the customer wanted. There’s nothing special about it other than a great hull and some really good setup work. It’s something we could reproduce for any client without having to give up the luxury the boat is known for.”

Terry Sobo, Nor-Tech’s director of sales and marketing, agreed. “We knew the hull could do it,” he said. “We had a 39-foot Monte Carlo with Mercury Racing 700s in that ran 104 mph, and it’s the same hull.”
Sobo, who was onboard during the 98-mph run said he felt protected from the high-speed onrushing breeze behind the console. “There was no wind at all behind that big windshield,” Sobo, “We were completely comfortable the whole time.”