With the exciting launch of Boostpower TV just this year and the personal attendance to this years Miami Boat Show by its founder and producer Alexi Sahagian,┬áthere’s no wonder why the BoostPower TV team chose to support our hot south beach Miami boat show party! The name BoostPower has been around a long time and in many circles is that of a trade name to powerboaters world wide. And for 2016, BoostPower is stepping even further into the mainstream of the media world with their very own BoostPower TV live stream weekly series, debuting at 6:00PM West Coast time.

This exciting new powerboating technical series has set out to share the years of knowledge of BoostPower’s founder and President Alexi Sahagian. As the Powerboating world has evolved, so have the needs of boaters and the depth of knowledge required to maintain or service today’s powerboat engines.

The Livestream series is not only a show platform but an interactive experience designed to make you, the viewer, an integral part of the show’s foundation. During each 30 minute episode technical emails are fielded and an in depth response is provided for viewers. For the gear head at heart, this is euphoria.

Keep in mind, Alexi will be on site at this year’s show fielding questions and gathering content for upcoming episodes so don’t hesitate to stop and say hello. The Gas Monkey guys have nothing on this guy.