One thing I love about this performance power boating industry is we live in a world of maximums. The maximum speed, The maximum horsepower. Just as we think we’ve seen it all the bar continues to be raised as the leaders push for development and engineering to support faster speeds and bigger horsepower, the end just seems to be –Well, it just seem endless.

Take for example high performance cooling systems. Standard applications use a single water pump impeller or whats commonly phrased a single stage sea pump. As the high performance levels of the engine climb toward 1000 horsepower those engines commonly move to a two- stage sea pump and as you might imagine what it takes to cool or support the cooling systems of today’s 1350HP, 1500HP, and even 1650HP Turbo applications has risen to a three stage sea pump.

Now if you are the guy who is re-writing high horsepower marine engine development and your entry level pump gas motor program makes 1850HP and since that base engine has the capability to escalate towards the stratosphere you know you will need a level of cooling supply to escalates with it.

For Goodwin Competition already knows there is only one real source for these demanding extreme applications. Their giant 5″ bore spaced 650 cubic inch supercharged beast needs a cooling system and sea pump designed for this demanding application and Goodwin knows to pick up the phone and call his friends at Hardin Marine and they handle it with precision and confidence knowing it will be the best available.

From the view of the Hardin guys they say it goes down more like this. Goodwin calls and says our goal is to provide the very best longest lasting part as we want our engines to be the last engine you buy for your boat ever. We want a sea water cooling pump and a cooling system designed around our engines and the Platinum Skaters┬áneeds. We want a FOUR STAGE pump. The guys at Hardin say that requires a whole slew of custom components and Todd (Goodwin) says “I don’t care just build me the ultimate part”

So what your seeing here is the culmination of what the industry now knows as the Giant or Sumo of Sea water pumps. To supply these pumps takes massive Sea strainers that are designed to not only deliver a reservoir of water but withstand so all new record settings speeds.

PowerBoatNation will be highlighting more and more components to show you what it takes to reign supreme in the world of high horsepower today stay tuned because we have the leading edge on this last high performance frontier.