Thousands of new products, advanced processes, and impressive innovation,is the leading draw that brings manufactures and boat builders from around the country to the International Boat Builders’ Exhibition and Conference,(Also known as IBEX) it’s the largest technical marine event in the world.

This is the place that newly designed accessories, electronics, hardware, and boat construction materials and processes are unveiled to the the worlds top boat builders. The boating industry is advancing at a much greater pace then some are aware of. Consumer electronics and integration of conveniences as well as improved drive-ability and stability technology.

The traditional pleasure boating segment of our industry is very hungry and truly focused on building boats worthy of upgrading to as well as even entry level offerings. We hope to see the performance segment of the market taking note of the fact entry level boat buyers are buying boats but they are lead by innovative features.

From the performance manufacturing end of products its no surprise Hardin marine will be on hand debuting new cables-less LED trim indicators, LED lighting, as well as a host of new performance Trim tab offerings.