For over 35 years Skater Powerboats has been building Catamarans and Peter Hledin has been the industry leader setting the pace by continually bringing innovation and advanced designs to the market. All SKATERS are unique in ways far beyond paint, graphics, and interiors. SKATER give the owners the ability to influence deck design, interior design, hull side contours, and of the famous individualized SKATER bustle’s.

Peter is quick to note that when he builds a new model, every inch of the boat is calculated and designed to carry the dimensions throughout the boat rather than just stretching or widening an existing model. The new 428 Skater is a perfect example of a new hull that has had months of design criteria worked into the build. Most notable is the additional space for the larger engines now in the market place.

PowerBoatNation recently visited the SKATER factory in Douglas, Michigan and had a chance to visit with Peter. We hope you enjoy or video tour of SKATER POWERBOATS!