This year’s Key West Offshore World Championship was a huge success! With friday’s races as exciting as ever, the stage was set for a perfect weekend in the perfect ultimate race venue anywhere. As droves of boaters and boat enthusiasts poured into Key West to see the races, they were outnumbered by multiple of about 4 from the massive group of members of the Florida Powerboat Club’s Key West Poker Run that left in packs from Miami’s harbors and made there way down to the keys in true powerboat style. Perfect weather and an atmosphere of fun made this the weekend you didn’t want to miss.

Wednesday’s race day announced the start of the true nature of the gathering at Key West this year with boats flying across the water in their attempts to claim the best spots in preparation for the following days of racing leading up to the championships. Bob Bull and Randy Scism led the Superboat Unlimited class that day as they maintained their lead in the 52 CMS 3 throughout most of the race. The defending champion Miss Geico didn’t make it to the finish after a mechanical breakdown midway through the 43 mile contest caused them to unwillingly step aside leaving the world title up for grabs. Obtaining a massive lead in points both Wednesday and Friday allowed Bull and Scism to claim the highly touted Superboat Unlimited class title with a second place finish on Sunday. Anticipating the changing weather and water conditions allowed them to make the appropriate changes to the boat, giving them the edge they wanted. According to Scism they knew that they had enough points going into Sunday’s Races that if they got second place they would clinch the title. And clinch the title they did.

With roaring crowds and a flotilla of onlooking boats and yachts anchored just offshore, the Key West Superboat Unlimited World Championship was the highlight of the week and ended this one of a kind experience in true powerboat fashion. We are already drooling with anticipation to see what happens next year.

The final race day was higlighted by the Powerboat Nation crew finally relaxing for a short wile watching the races from the Ocean Key House Presidential Suite. In Key West its always all good…..

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