If you weren’t one of the few hundred lucky souls that got to take part in the crazy pool party at Kenny Armstrong’s home during the Texas Outlaw Challenge then you better book your rooms for next year or otherwise you will just have to sit in front of that screen that your looking at right now and absorb the pictures. Kenny is one of three power boating enthusiasts that I know of who open their homes to a poker run and at least one of the other two makes his more of a invitation only.

Kenny has a big heart and throws the doors wide open, lets about 120 boats tie up in his back yard, about 100 cars in his driveway, and three helicopters land in his yard. Then he hires staff to serve food and beverages, all for free because the tab is on him. I will let the picture tell you what the staff looked like and they were as nice and helpful as they looked.

All I can tell you is that you better get ready for next year now because maybe, just maybe there will be a limit. But what do I know… Maybe Kenny will just build a bigger dock, dig a deeper pool, and use a bigger tent!

We love you Kenny Armstrong ! Thank you for all you do for all of us!