In 2012 I trailered my boat on a 7125 mile boating adventure from Fort Lauderdale to the West Coast and back. One of my stops was Lake Havasu where I was privileged enough to stay at the home of Devin Wozencraft of Wozencraft Insurance.

In the two years since Devin and I have often discussed and debated what his next new boat would be. One of the criteria was it needed to be a watercraft he could take around the country to different boating events yet still provide all of the lake lifestyle attributes to support his family and friends. Well, not long ago we reported abut Devins new 29 E-Ticket Luxury Cat and in that article we razzed him a little about a big road trip with the boat. Devin not being one to let anyone down just did his FIRST big haul. Partnering up Wozencraft Marine Insurance Specialist Andy Holte, it was two for the road as they set out from Lake Havasu to Kemah Texas for the BIG Texas Outlaw Challenge.

Blending work and fun fits very well for many of us and this trip was no exception for both Devin and Andy as they were even able to sign up some new customers along the way and when they arrived in Texas.

From all accounts the TEAM Wozencraft approach to boating events with their new E-Ticket Flagship is working well and to blend work with pleasure even more, Devin’s Wife and kids flew in to take part in the poker run and to tackle the big drive home leaving Andy at the airport.

So now that the E-Ticket got its first splash of water with a little tiny amount of gritty stuff in it and Devin found out that the boat wont immediately melt or disintegrate I think we ALL need to encourage him to make the big trek I keep egging him on about. How great would it to see the WOZENCRAFT E-Ticket tied up in front of the Conch Republic in KEY WEST!!!!

Desert Storm Promoter Jim Nichols and Photo Guy Jay Nichols take a break aboard the WozenCraft! Has to be a simple coincidence???