Back last year we covered the long daunting process that Rick Bowling had endured in the restoration of the famous “Gone Again” 37 Talon. We’re happy to announce that the boats has reached completion and he’s working through some of the shake down testing getting the boat ready for the upcoming poker run season.

The addition of the Mercury Racing 1350 power has left to some minor tuning of the water pressure system due to the boats increased speeds.

Said Bowling: “We haven’t got to really stretch the boats legs quite yet but the power, speed, and overall performance is phenomenal. ”

At 160mph they were making too much water pressure and are planning on doing to upgrade to dual pressure relief valves for the fix so they can dial in the top end. The over all fit and finish of the boat showed as a show piece in the water and in the evening the Shadow Caster LED lighting made for a beautiful display.