It is no doubt that as high performance boaters here at Powerboat Nation we have our ear to just above the waterline. So when we hear ripples about new engine development we’re always excited. If you are a forum member then you may have heard about the development happening at Retter Engine Development. Retter is developing a turbo based marine engine offering based on the insanely popular LS based engine family.

Those on the cutting edge of engine technology know that the LS engine platform is the primary concentration for the future of engine building and for some very good reasons. The driver of today’s generation is a computer savvy data driven enthusiast, and the one thing readily available today is really strong data on just how well the LS engine platform performs. The OEM cylinder heads are capable of flow numbers rivaling a big block Chevrolet and the design or architecture of the engine is superior in its load characteristics.

With a hot rod background and a engine development business started over 30 years ago by Ryan Retters father, Ryan has embarked on the exciting possibility of taking their LS based turbo engine into a production offering. Currently Ryan is finalizing the 900HP version. This engine features a modest 376 cubic inches of displacement and uses their companies proprietary cam grind, CNC machined cylinder head program, custom intercoolers, and a dual stage Hardin Marine sea water pump.

Just another example of engine development rising up from around the country with new offerings aimed at the powerboating market. To find out more including a Dyno video take a look a Retter Engine Development onFacebook.