Legend Marine Group has officially become the latest dealer for the ultra high quality boat manufacturer, Nor-Tech Hi Performance Boats.

Since talks first started in May of this year, Legend Marine Group, known as a leader in customer service and satisfaction, has been pushing hard to become a Nor-Tech dealer, and we had the chance to speak with Casey Freeman from LMG about why they chose Nor-Tech and what we can expect to see from the new deal.

Casey speaks very highly of Nor-Tech and said that the choice to go with the center console manufacturer boiled down to a few key factors. Nor-Tech is widely known as one of the premier center console companies in the world, and their quality is unmatched. But making them even more formidable is their ability to maintain high production rates while still keeping the quality up. Nor-Tech is pumping out more top-of-the-line CC’s than ever and each one is as impressive as the next.

And finally, Owner Greg Connell and Casey are very excited to get the chance to work with the highly respected Geoff Tomlinson, Nor-Tech’s Dealer Manager, whom they have built a great relationship with over the process of hammering out the new deal. Geoff anticipates the new deal with be very beneficial for both companies and is looking forward to it.

“Greg and Casey’s commitment to customer relationships and integrity are the qualities we look for when we partner with a successful dealership”, commented Geoff Tomlinson, Dealer Manager for Nor-Tech High Performance Boats. “We are proud to welcome these guys and their staff to the Nor-Tech family.
Legend Marine Group was established in 2005 in Dallas Texas. It has become well known by providing quality workmanship and service to its customers.

Legend Marine Group’s 30,000 sq. ft. showroom in Dallas will be home to several Nor-Techs. They will have a 34CC, 39CC, and 45CC on display and will offer custom orders to customers are looking for something more tailored to their individual needs.

We’re very excited to see this new partnership develop!