For DCB the past year has been full of change. Some of that change was planned and executed and some came by surprise, but one thing is for sure. The ownership and operational changes are bearing real fruits for the brand.

DCB’s own Jeff Johnston points out that the teams culmination of efforts on the production of some of their biggest offerings, like the recently debuted M44, are but the tip of the iceberg.

DCB has long been recognized as a leader in customer service and delivery when it comes to taking ownership of one of their boats. But the company never stopped after the delivery of the boat. They recognized the personal aspect of serving each of their clients and determined that one of the main reasons their customers bought their boats was that service after the sale was unparalleled.

That lead to repeat buyers as a huge complimentary portion of DCB’s business comes from the evolution of boaters they had previously sold boats to. It is these customers that have driven the expansion of the brand.

Jeff points out that with the explosion of desire for outboard boats, the brand needs more offerings in this segment. Thus DCB has begun the development of a new smaller version of their M series outboard widebody to debut at this years regatta.

“Our customers have basically laid these opportunity’s in front of us letting us know if we would invest and build the new size offering that they wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.” – Jeff Johnston

So this year and next, we will debut new models as well as an all new service center to provide our regionally local customer the opportunity to have their boat worked on or serviced with the same high caliber of quality it was originally built with.

DCB’s additional growth is also going to become possible with the near doubling of the size of their laminate and production facility.The investments in infrastructure point to the future and the longevity in commitment that DCB is investing in the powerboating market

“With this our goal is to deliver their same incredible product to even more customers.” – Jeff Johnston