There is no doubt when Powerboat Nation came to life we revived the high point of the boat show: The infamous, and over the top Miami Boat Show Party. We did the heavy lifting from hoisting the PBN 38′ Top Gun Cigarette to the roof of the infamous Clevelander bar, a feat never before accomplished might we say. And next was taking over the history Legendary Mansion for what could only be looked at as EPIC. This year we are going to converge on the #1 spot in all of South Beach at the exclusive club “STORY” for what will sure to be a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the unique and vibrant sights and sounds of South Beach.

But, know this, PBN is a component of what it take to tie all of the moving pieces together to put on parties with a excess cost of six figures. This party like all the others could not be possible without the tremendous support from our sponsors. We want everyone to know these sponsors are literally giving back to the people that support their business. Events like this require selfless supporters, the kind of supporters who are committed to much more than just their business but their clients. Luckily for us and you we have these supporters as members of the PBN Family.

Our sponsors recognize the Miami boat show is the worlds ultimate destination for powerboating. Our very first support who had no doubt for a second, was Legend Marine Group. Legend has been a long time supporter of Powerboat Nation and they eagerly supported our efforts to again create this uniqueness in Miami because as Legend owner Greg Connell said “We do this because it is you! and we know no one gives more to the powerboating industry than you guys” Powerboat Nation has repeatedly proven to be the group that delivers and goes all out to bring an experience to the customers that they cant get anywhere else and our hard work and effort adds to the overall experience of buying a performance powerboat.

Do not be fooled for second these are joint ventures with the people most committed to you the power boater. For this a huge Thank you to Casey, Greg, and the entire Team at Legend Marine Group. When you see these guys please let them know just how much you appreciate what they are doing to make your powerboating world a better place for you.