You know you love your boat, right? But just how much do you love your boat? Or for that matter just how much are you in love with your significant other? I mean at some point common sense comes in right? Or maybe not. In this case we were left to ponder just what love has got to do with it. Now we here at Powerboat Nation have years and years of boating history and we’ve seen some crazy tow rig combinations. Traditionally we’ve seen them in the lovely warm spring and summer months. But this combo set an all new high on you have to be kidding bar for us.

It seems this gentleman that owns both this corvette and the blown gas Sanger jet hydro were on the mission of his life. After a brief interview with the owner we were told that he had found love on the internet and that he was on a mission to be with her. The problem being she was on the east coat and he on the west coast in California. Refusing to leave behind his true love, the boat he set off to have a hitch installed and haul the boat east bound to Florida in the dead of winter during the holidays. We kept tabs just to make sure he made it and he did. 3200 miles in four days. Crazy, Insane, or just in love either way could you imagine crossing mountain pathways with a corvette and hydro behind you in the snow? I bet it makes the weird twitches that boat sends out during acceleration seem like a gentle fall breeze in comparison. Well in a last note it seems the woman was not all she was cracked up to be or maybe just a crack pot we are told. The owner now resides in Florida and says at least I’ve got my boat.