Lately, there has been a lot of questions to the reality of making “BIG” horsepower or as it’s become known lately on the PBN forums: “Unicorns”. We did a little in depth look at just how many different guys are now making some big power.

In today’s world of horsepower, the limits once placed on engines have been tossed out. Whether, were growing engine sizes 15-20% or 800-100 cubic inches; with advances in technology, the power range of an engine is forever changing. Turbos make the possibility of power endless in a 600-plus cubic inch engine. One of the most recent Monsters to come out, guns blazing, comes from a racing engine builder in Muskegon, Michigan. A 600 cubic inch big block charting at 3,100 horsepower @ 7,000 rpm.

Out of some of the highly guarded secrets, what we do know is, the engine uses a set of Big Chief 14- degree cylinder heads and two 91mm turbochargers. Running at 7,000 rpm, with mid 20 plus psi of boost during the dyno testing, this big block puts out 3,132.7 horsepower. This is incredible, considering, this engine could have easily gone beyond this point. Someday, in the not-too-far off future, we’ll see these 600 ci big blocks hit 4,000 hp and so on. Just watch and see!