BAM MARINE EXPANDS TO ADD A FULL LINE OF MERCURY OUTBOARDS! At Powerboat Nation we’re always excited when we see anyone let alone one of our supporters making such a huge commitment to the sport. You see in most recent years the trend it seems by the manufacturer has been based around downsizing making product availability scarce and troublesome for boaters. There are few people in this industry during the economic challenges that have committed for the long haul like BAM Marine has. So for a dealer to expand into to handle the full line of Mercury Outboards that’s a big investment into their companies future. BAM Marine has long been known and respected as one of the largest dealers of genuine Mercury & Mercruiser parts in the country but we were surprised and excited at this move and wanted to sit down with them and figure out the move behind all of this and had a quick Q and A with Marc at BAM…

PBN Asks: What inspired you to make this serious investment at this time into the full line of Mercury outboards?

Marc: We are known as the Mercury Parts leader around the country so the next step was just the evolution of our business. This cements our status as a Full line Mercury Platinum Dealer and as such are in the best position to fill the needs of ours and Mercury’s customers

PBN Asks: How long has BAM been servicing the marine industry?

Marc: BAM has been in business since 1977, Located downtown on the Chicago River we were the place in Chicago for storage, fuel, service and repairs. Buried in the basement of the landmark Marina City twin towers BAM had a really well equipped repair facility. In addition to basic repairs BAM did drives,rigging, fiberglass, paint and had a complete engine and machine shop with a dyno!

In 1995 BAM’s decided that Florida would be the new home of BAM Marine. In addition to the development of the Cyborg transmissions since then BAM has also become one of the largest dealers of genuine Mercury Marine parts in the country. In a reversal of roles, BAM also became the supplier to Mercury Racing for the transmissions used on the 850 & 1075’s.

PBN Asks: So when someone asks you just what exactly is “BAM Marine”, how do you explain your business?

Marc: BAM is one of the largest and most experienced Mercury dealers in the country. We have an enormous inventory, and what many people may not know is we are a fully equipped shop and certified technicians to perform service and warranty on all Mercury & Mercruiser engine and drives.

PBN Asks: What makes BAM Marine so unique and why is South Florida your choice to call home for your company?

Marc: Actually I don’t think there are a whole lot of similar companies. There are very few that have been in business this long and even fewer that have the inventory and in-house capabilities we do. Because of our manufacturing we have tools and machines that most in our business don’t have. If we need a special component, welding or machining for a job we can do it in house. We grew up with our focus on hi-performance but today we sell and service pretty much everything.But that our experience gives us a better perspective than most. We have always sold Mercury outboard parts and Mercruiser engines, but now that we are also selling complete Mercury Outboards we are in an even better position to service our customers and local boaters.

South Florida is a great place for us to be. In addition to personally loving the climate down here boating and the marine industry in general are a major part of the local economy. And for the most part the boating is year round! When I was in Chicago we had at most a 14 week season!

PBN Asks: How has Mercury’s outboard line evolved in recent years?

Marc: When I started in this business outboards were noisy, smelly & temperamental. Not something that you would ever consider for a luxury boat. Today is the exact opposite. The engines are quiet, powerful & reliable. And the electronics have made them more user friendly than ever.

PBN Asks: What does it mean to be a Platinum dealer? I always hear this expression touted, but even I don’t have a full comprehension of what it exactly means?

Marc: Mercury Platinum is reserved for dealers that have made a substantial commitment and investment to sell & service Mercury products. A Platinum dealer has to have certified mechanics, all the special tools and computer software and purchase over $150,000 annually from Mercury.

BAM is not just parts and transmissions. BAM is ingenuity, machining,service, warranty and now outboards. Marc has a wealth of information and knowledge and all you have to do is ask the question to get the information we all need.