Well known offshore powerboat racer Ryan Beckley told us the Race Day on Sunday was a “Chamber of Commerce Day”. Ryan lauded the event: “After a lot of rain, Sunday’s final was perfect. Thousands of fans lined the beach and it was great racing. The parade brought out thousands despite the rain and the street party was packed”.

Local press has estimated the crowd on the beach to over 50,000 spectators. For 29 years this Sarasota Race has been something no one wants to miss. A great venue in a great city with great fans, it is a natural formula for success. Earlier this year there was great doubt and dread that the municipal sponsorship would not come through and many thought the race wouldn’t happen. With great effort from Ryan and other race supporters the funding was obtained and thanks to the success and perfect formula of the weekend, both the Mayor and City Manager pledged onstage at the awards ceremony the race would continue on for at least another 29 years.

Travis Lofland, whom many of you probably already know, moved from the Time Bandit and is now the wheelman in the SuperBoat Extreme “Instigator” The 40’ Fountain with Peter Meyer on throttles. Travis told me he was stoked to be able to take the win but wished Lucas Oil and Twisted Metal didn’t suffer some engine problems as he really wanted to race with them right next to him. “Other than that the weekend and the race was fantastic” said Travis.

While Key West will likely always reign king for offshore race venues, Sarasota has a very unique and vibrant appeal it ranks as my favorite race site.

For more information and news and final race results click here: http://superboat.com/

Videos of the Race are available here!