When Mike Fiore stepped out on his own in 1993 and founded Outerlimits Powerboats he had one singular mission in mind.  To create the most advanced powerboats in the world that would not just perform better but have advanced innovation, attention to detail, and an appeal to ownership that clearly stated you had “Arrived”.  Unfortunately the huge loss of both Mike and his visible partner and boat racing champion Joe Sgro has left a deep void of sorrow and loss that is so hard to move beyond.

Regardless of the best intentions, hopes, dreams, and desires of everyone who loved and admired Mike the future of Outerlimits remained uncertain…….well, it did until today.

Today we got a call from Bob Russel who has been a behind the scenes financial supporter, friend, racer, and adviser with Mike for many years as well as an owner of many Outerlimits Boats.  Bob told us that just today he had finalized the deal and is now the owner of Outerlimits.

Bob emphasized that the immediate future is to “put the family back together” as Mikes Father and master boat builder Paul Fiore and Mikes sister Donna will be returning to the Outerlimits Team and beyond that Bob said the plan is simple  “We are going to see Mikes dream realized and sustained well into the future!”

Congratulations to everyone!