What makes Powerboat Nation such an iconic brand in today’s world of boating? It’s not that we have the best team members, the largest public reach, or an unparalleled media outlet for all things powerboating. It’s the FACT that we are all a family with the same passion. PowerBoating.

From our dedicated fans and supporters to our advertisers and event volunteers, we make sure that every triumph and success on or off the water is celebrated and turned into powerboat history. But what lasts more than the physical items are the memories themselves. This becomes apparent more than ever when Cincinnati resident, Gary Seeds’ thoughtful kids decided to frame and gift Gary the PBN article written last year when he had his own brand new Cigarette 42X designed and delivered by Cigarette Racing Team itself. A truly amazing moment and memory, this experience will never be forgotten now that it hangs in Gary’s house proudly displayed for all to see. They are truly a part of the awesome PBN family!

There are many boating experiences in all our fans lives worth taking extra time to enjoy and experience and PBN is there to make sure they get the awesome hoopla they deserve! We’re looking forward to seeing what else unfolds as we take on this new season of boating!