We made the big journey to the heartland of America to visit our friend and loyal PBN supporter Brett of the famous and world renowned BBlades Propellers so we could capture a glimpse of just a little of the magic that goes into building a “Lab Finished” propeller.

Like all real art or craftsmanship whether an engine, boat, outdrive, or propeller the real magical products come from people who are not only completely and thoroughly skilled and versed in their craft, but have the ability to alter and perfect it with their own hands.

The raw goods, or core, of a propeller come from fabulous machinery. But what makes the real difference is the application of skill and perfection of the process to make the fastest, strongest, and most reliable parts with their own hands. This is exactly what BBlades propellers are; handmade specialty props that perform great.

With virtually over 100 years of propeller experience these craftsman shape, smooth, and perfect propellers to reduce slippage numbers and provide the most propulsion with the least amount of effort.

We hope you enjoy this video!