Today was the day the famous 48 MTI Lamborghini Aventador “Raging Bull” met it’s new owner. The 1350 Mercury Racing power boat will soon be raging on the waters in Spain near the party island of Ibiza under the control of its new owner. Maybe “Raging Bull” will get to Spain just in time for the “Running of the Bulls” in Pamplona, Spain.

For almost a year, Larry Goldman President and Owner of Xtreme Powerboats/Extreme Marine in Miami, Florida has been talking to his buyer from Russia about which boat to buy and the other options available to him. He could have a boat custom built to his specific wants and needs or he could buy any one of the many available boats that Larry showed him throughout the year. But this buyer wanted a boat that wasn’t even for sale…

Gino Gargiulo was not really looking to sell his famous Lamborghini boat “Raging Bull”. However, the Russians didn’t want to wait, didn’t want to hear no for an answer, and just today ended up closing on the boat that everyone else has dreamed of owning.

Larry Goldman is certainly known for selling Xtreme Boats. In addition to this Lamborghini MTI, Larry Goldman has sold the Ferarri MTI, the Mercedes MTI, the Aqua Mania Skater raceboat and the majority of all the new 42 MTI Center Consoles. All of these boats were sold to foreign buyers.
Larry has worked hard over the years to cultivate relationships with buyers from all over the world and he knows what it takes to close the deal.

The new owner owns multiple boats – they have other smaller boats and at least one very, very, large boat. But the operation of a high performance catamaran requires training and skill if you want to do it correctly. To achieve the absolute best performance and handling that the boat is capable of the new owner made the decision to complete the Tres Martin Performance Boat School curriculum.

Yesterday I spent six hours in the classroom session and then today we dodged rain showers and heavy winds to complete the on water part of the course. The new owner did fantastic and is now ready to navigate around Ibiza and other European ports.

Don’t be surprised if Powerboat Nation reports that we’re running around on the exclusive island of Ibiza with Xtreme Powerboats and Larry Goldman. Larry will be easing the new owner into the boat and is anxious to bring the Xtreme Powerboat Lifestyle to a whole new group of wealthy Europeans who will be excited to try and outdo each other around all of the exotic ports.

As for Gino? I guess everyone will have to wait and watch. First we had the Mercedes themed MTI, then the now infamous over the top Lamborghini Aventador themed MTI – now…? What can Gino Garguilo think of next?