If you don’t have one, then you need one! There is just no argument about it. One of the leading causes of outdrive failure comes from over-temp drive oil and the fact that the oil evades the extremely hot upper case bearings as the outdrive is underway and not submerged in cooler water. Keeping outdrive temperatures down is key fact to maintaining longevity and reliability of any outdrive. A Drive Shower is an easy to install and economic accessory which is definitely a mandatory requirement in the long run for an affordable boating experience.

Hardin Marine’s Sport-Tech Drive Shower would seem to be the industry favorite and for a host of proprietary reasons. This patented stainless steel drive shower cap features integrated water distribution dams on the underside of the cover. The dams aid to distribute water over the top of the outdrive where the water is needed most. matching this feature to a over-sized 80┬ádegree angle water pick up and -10 stainless steel braided feed line assures maximum water flow. The Sport-Tech is a top of the line cooling shower that fits Bravo One, Two and Three applications as well as XR and ITS models. If you’ve been putting off installing a shower like this simply because you thought it would be too much work, watch here as PBN Tech, Rick Bourns installs one on this Bravo XR in less than 10 minutes!