It’s been 58 years since there has been any sort of boat rally or activity from Florida to Cuba. Now, the Florida Powerboat Club in conjunction with the Hemmingway International Yacht Club is making the first inroads into what will undoubtedly be a thriving boating industry focused on bringing American boating enthusiasts to the tropical island of Cuba.

However, due to the nature of the still touchy relations with Cuba, this first rally is in stark contrast to FPC’s usual massive, fun filled poker runs and rallies. Instead of 50+ boats, this rally is limited, and we have confirmed that 18 boats are making the trip as we speak, barring any mechanical issues which would further diminish the count. There was also a mandatory captains meeting before the group set off, with the focus being on the do’s and don’ts of being in Cuba along with the usual proceedings.

The U.S. Coast Guard’s sizable presence on the waters between Cuba and Florida will ensure the safety of all the participants, and unfortunately anyone with mechanical issues will be forced to return to Key West instead of continuing on since the group must make the trip together with no stragglers or outliers.

As long as everyone sticks to the plan, it’s set to be an extremely unique trip and opportunity, with a welcome dinner planned for the first night and then tours of Havana and festivities the following days.

We’re all looking forward to seeing the video and pictures from this iconic first step, and we can only hope it grows into a full blown event available to all in the future!

(Featured Image Courtesy of Florida Powerboat Club)