Spring is in full bloom, and boaters aren’t hesitating to take advantage of it. Central Missouri was no exception with powerboat owners flocking to last weekend’s Fun Run on the Lake of the Ozarks. The event, hosted by the Osage Beach-based Performance Boat Center, was blessed with sunny weather following spring showers in the morning. And thank god it was, because otherwise the ladies you see above may not have graced the water with their presence.

Helmed by Mark Waddington, a partner of Performance Boat Center, the 52 ft. Outerlimits pictured houses twin Mercury 1350 engines and was a fitting stage for the photo with its sleek, smooth form. Though it’s hard to rival a boat like that, models from Cigarette Racing, Fountain Powerboats, Skater Powerboats and more were also spotted on the water.

Brett Manire, one of the owners of the performance boat dealership/service/parts one-stop-shop said that he counted over 30 boats, including Fountains, Outerlimits, and Skater boats they had previously sold to happy customers. Considering they prepared to feed over 150 mouths at this Fun Run, we’re eager to see what other events Performance Boat Center has in store for its Redhead Yacht Club marina complex when its Redhead Restaurant & Pool Bar reopens in the summer.

For now, stay tuned for the Lake Race on June 5th – Performance Boat Center is the chief sponsor and generously supplying boats for the event. Then, the 2015 Cigarette Racing Team Rendezvous follows a couple weeks later, the first official Cigarette owners only event on the lake. We can’t wait to see what else they have in store.

Photo Credit to PBC photographer Brad Glidewell