Pertronix: Welcome to the Team!

Pertronix: Welcome to the Team!

At Powerboat Nation we feel like we are at the forefront of every new and exciting product that hits the powerboating world. So for us, when the Pertronix Performance Products group approached us with so many new items available to this industry we were really excited to see a company so focused on some of the weak points this industry still faces.

Pertronix has pointed out to us that they are not only dedicated to delivering top-of-the-line products to the high performance marine industry but that they have been here longer than most and have a reputation that proceeds them.

With extensive new ignition products from marine approved super duty starters, to the most extensive distributor ignition offerings anywhere. Pertronix has stepped to the forefront of multi-spark compatibility distributors with built in rev-controls, to the largest line of in distributor ignition conversions kits anywhere.

We’re happy to have their team on board and look forward to bringing you full product reviews in the near future stay tuned its an exciting future.