While conducting boat school at Performance Boat Center I took some time to test a new 32 Sonic Catamaran that is currently for sale.

This new 32 came out in all white and was trimmed down a little, now weighing in at 5160 lbs. In a quick run across the Lake of the Ozarks in less than desirable weather conditions, the boat ran out at 105 MPH with two guys onboard and light on fuel. The top speed on the Garmin Trip log was 113 MPH.

The most incredible thing about the boat was how well it handled big water.  This is only a 32 foot cat, and it ran great through the LOTO chop. I also tried to get the boat to porpoise and it was almost impossible no matter how I trimmed and throttled.

The time to plane with the 400 Mercury Verados was about 1.5 Seconds with a Top Speed of 113 MPH using 5 Blade 34 pitch Mercury Props. Priced at $250,000, it’s such a great deal compared to other offerings that I truly believe you will enjoy the $200,000 in savings compared to other boats in this class, while at the same time running with and ahead of them.

With regard to the ride when I first arrived and went to the boats, ┬ásome comments were made that it ran too negative or bow down. What I found was that because of the low cut on the deck, the mind tells you its too bow down, but when you run the boat at proper trim you find the boat runs flat and it is only a visual deception. If you don’t believe me, I challenge you to go for a ride and find out for yourself just how good this boat is.

If you are looking for a fast, fun, outboard cat, then a ride in the 32 Sonic is a must before you make any actual buying decision.