If your boating event life is like mine then you are likely to have lots of pictures of your boat. Digital copies that fill up external hard drives and printed copies that load up file boxes. To many pictures to see, use , give away or post up anywhere. But sometimes a special picture means something and if that special picture can have a special treatment is makes it worth so much more than all those other pictures stuffed in a file box

When I ran into Pete Boden of Shoot 2 Thrill photography at the Joey Gratton Memorial New Years Day Run, he asked me to deliver some pictures to Jason Ventura of BrandX. One photo of Jason’s CIGARETTE Gladiator and one Bill Pyburn Jr’s, former, 388 SKATER Pure Platinum. I told Pete no problem I would grab them up, and then Pete cautioned me that these were special pictures, they had to be handled carefully and couldn’t be bent or scratched. I disregarded it all thinking these are just pictures and then I saw them.

A special application of the digital image on aluminum or acrylic. To start with, these are great photo images and with this special application it really makes them something special.

The photos here really don’t do come even close to showing what they look like live, so take my word for it. Call or message Pete at Shoot 2 Thrill and get your boat done like this. Pete told me that while he prefers to use his images he will use a high quality image provided to him from the boat owner.

Here are some more examples of the work: