Powerboat Nation joined over 70 other boats on New Years Day in Sarasota to officially start the 2015 Boating Season but to also remember our friend Joey Gratton and help raise awareness and money for the Joey Gratton Foundation.

This year we had a great time. PBN Super Member Shane McFall (TazMotorsports on the forum) got to ride as crew and was great help all the way. We trailered the PBN CIGARETTE to Sarasota the day of New Years Eve and ran into our great friend and Deadliest Catch Celebrity Crab Fisherman, Travis Lofland who joined us for the run along with his girlfriend Tiffany and her two daughters making it a real family boating day.

I have been doing this run for a long time, before Joey died in 2011 after which the run has been held in his honor.Ryan Beckley has been the man who has taken the time and put in the work to keep making this event happen, grow, and continue to be something special.

Boaters came in from all over the world to participate and we were very proud to be able to attend and cant imagine doing anything different on the many New Years Days to come!