The newest boat from the collaboration of Pirelli and Tecnorib with the addition of Blossom Skies, is set to debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival this year.

The 1900, easily identifiable as a product of Pirelli due to the tire tread pattern on the hull, is the the largest of the 3 boats built by the partnering companies. While the size has increased significantly, the goal of creating a sporty boat is still very obvious. With a carbon fiber roof and twin 800 hp MAN engines with surface piercing propellers, the boat tops 51 mph and makes it look easy being controlled by the joystick and automatic trim systems in the cabin.

The resin infused hull also supports two cabins, two bathrooms, and a central living area, giving it enough luxury for anyone to be able to take it out for a full day on the water without any worry.

See the photos of the boat set to debut on September 12th below!