Did we say much about the elephant in the room, or should I say possibly in the middle of the road on the way to and from the boat show? Driving your car to the show could prove to be a harsh feat for many. The ability to move the enormous amount of people and traffic could be long and difficult. The show organizers, National Marine Manufactures Associations has set up water taxis, buses, and even has tenders taking you to the show, but even with all of this, the concerns remain high.

These concerns run over to the fact of getting vendors to the show on time to be there when you arrive.​

To remove these concerns ​for those that support us in our efforts, we decided Powerboat Nation would invest in our own secured private boat slip at the show and will be offering private shuttle service in the Powerboat Nation 38 CIGARETTE Top Gun for our long Standing Powerboat Nation Platinum Sponsors.  Sorry gang, it’s not a cruise ship its a Top GUN so this service is not open to the public. Only our PBN Platinum Sponsors!

We figure if we don’t let you know who does what in the world of media you just wont know. NO OTHER BOATING MEDIA GROUP invests as heavily in bringing you the latest in “NEW” technology and you’ve proven to us that every bit of it is worth it as we set new records in growth once thought incomprehensible. Think about this we reach more viewers in one week than any print publication in the marine industry delivered in a year in the last decade!! And we didn’t do it, YOU did it and we’re committed to you and a most exciting 2016.