The powerboating community remains in mourning this week following the tragic death of Brad Kloepfer of Lake Havasu City, Ariz. Kloepfer, 57 and his friend, Paul Selberg. Brad’s wife was also in the accident and remains in critical condition.

The entire Powerboat Nation team deeply mourns the loss of one of the most passionate and loyal boaters following the accident on Lake Havasu Saturday afternoon.

Our good friends at DCB Performance Boats noted that Kloepfer, who was the driving force behind the Lickity Split M35 Widebody catamaran owned by his best friend, J.P. O’Donoghue, was more than a client. He was a friend, a colleague and a kindhearted person who was always there to lend a hand to any boat owner, whether they owned a DCB or not.

Brad, and his friend Paul will be missed tremendously. Our thoughts and prayers go out to their friends and family members.