Everyone at the Jacksonville River Rally Poker Run got a glimpse of some behind the scenes of reality TV being shot. Following the success of the CNBC show “Secret Lives of the Super Rich” featuring Gino Gargiulo and his over the top Lamborghini MTI, the producers thought that it might fit really well into a new reality TV show.

Following Gino everywhere was a full crew of with cameras, sound, and lighting equipment capturing the reality of powerboating on an extreme boat. From Captains meetings to leaving dinner the regular poker run attendees
got a glimpse of the behind the scenes activities surrounding what it takes to put on a show.

Gino showed us he was a good sport when we crashed the show a little bit taking pictures of him having his picture taken!

Of course Larry Goldman of Xtreme Powerboats who takes care of the boat for Gino was on hand to coordinate and support the effort as well as throttle the boat in the poker run.

We followed Gino before when his boat and car first featured on TV. Click HERE to read what happened on that occasion.