In 1979 Martha Ford bought her husband a boat with custom paint to match the NFL Team he owned. William Clay Ford Sr loved his boats and had many. Before his death earlier this year the boat was sold and fortunately its caretaker since it was new was able to buy it.

Now with the boat in full control of Chip Miller, owner of Miller Marina, in St Clair Shores Michigan this extreme renovation is nearing completion. Chip has done an incredible job keeping the balance of originality and modern tech for reliability and safety.

One of the more remarkable parts of the renovation was that Chip was able to find a brand new Mercury TRS drive in a brand new box. Small attention to details have really made a difference.

More remarkable is that Chip slipped to let us know we has another even more significant renovation in his sights and that this boat just “MAY” be for sale at some time in the future. Take a look: