While everyone is trying to keep their latest engine offerings under wraps, the fact of the matter they can’t hold on to the secrets much longer. President Mark Schwabero of Mercury Marine just let the cat out of the bag that they are about to debut several of their latest all new offerings that will bring a whole array of features.

Fact of the matter when you cut through the “Grey Area”, Mercury continues to move away from their Automotive counterpart, General Motors. The new engines will be using engine blocks produced for Mercury only. Mercury claims the opportunity to start with that engine block where they have complete control of integration, the product the can bring forth can be more than what was offered in the past.

The same group of engineers that came up with Mercury’s 150 Four Stroke are using the same development processes in creating a new stern drive product. So this will be a great opportunity to see how well that technology transcends to the Stern drive market.

But Mercury isn’t the only game in town making this journey. We know of applications currently doing exactly the same thing and in production of their own engine blocks and cylinder heads that are arrow focused on bringing massive (Think 1100HP) naturally aspirated production engines to market. These new products are touted to step out from behind the cloak of secrecy prior to years end. So what does this tell us? That modern manufacturing technology is allowing a whole new segment of engine development to change the marine propulsion industry.

Keep in mind that GM and the LS engine production continue to deliver the biggest bank for the pound when you look at their latest LT4 product at 650HP in a compact aluminum light power plant. So stay tuned and rest assured were committed to keeping you on the cusp of everything new at Powerboat Nation!