lllllllllllllThe news of the loss of Garth Tagge and Jim Melley came from an old friend and to say I was shocked would be wrong. I became debilitated, unable to move, think, and really grasp what the real news was.  I know as a powerboating media outlet there is the obligation to report and get the news out but I just could not move to even press a key or look at a facebook page. It was too hard, too close, and much too hard to believe.

To suggest I knew Garth and Jim well would not be real, but what I know to be very real is what everyone who knew them well or not also knew. They were wonderful gentlemen and it was always a highlight to see them. Myself and everyone I know always looked forward to be able to say hello, spend some time, and just be around these two wonderful and gracious guys. We rarely talked about boats, props, or set up.  We talked about family, friends, life and general fun nonsense.

I feel privileged to be able to say I knew them and all of us at Powerboat Nation as well as the entire powerboating community feel a huge sense of loss and send our deepest condolences to the families and friends of Garth Tagge and Jim Melley.

God Speed…