As Powerboating enthusiasts we get as excited as much as you do about new products and service. So bringing you the industries latest and greatest features is a thrill for us. Best of all we are bringing you the industry’s best new feature this week and it comes directly from us. We know finding the best products or services isn’t always or as simple as it might seem. Oh yes it sure should be easy, but we know it doesn’t come from bombarding you with rotating media banners to the point where you and everyone else in the world just ignores them.

Let’s face it, if we want to go shopping we go to the one place where we can find it all whether its engines, parts, products or insurance we want all the convenience of shopping in one place, so just as you would in your neighbor hood, you head to the Mall. At Powerboat Nation we’ve worked hard to
build those same features with our new “Virtual “Mall”. We’ve collaborated with many of the industry’s best to create video highlights giving you a interactive experience while sharing a much better glimpse of these brands instead of a simple picture or logo that just doesn’t allow for any connection to the brand you may have interest in.

Since Powerboat Nations inception we have been committed to improve upon what has been considered the standard. The more we looked at it we realized we couldn’t change the industry but we could surely develop a superior product and an improved shopping experience. We know traditional banner marketing and media delivery just didn’t allow consumers a product they can responded too and we had to develop a better way for suppliers to showcase their offerings.

We also know from research that you’re immune or blind to banners and pop-ups of every sort. Real media experts know they have basically 1 in 1000 chance of even getting their products seen by you. Here’s a great statistic; it is more likely you will survive a plane crash or win the lottery than click a banner ad and its even less likely you will buy something through the banner ad. Not sure? Take a quick look here.

Our “Virtual Mall” is just another Innovation and only one of many more that are coming from our team at PowerboatNation.Com Our forward thinking outlook makes us different and our supporters and affiliates share the same forward out of the box thinking and believe so much in supporting your powerboat interest that they are providing exclusive support to Powerboat Nation.Com. In the near future you will see new product releases as well as sales offerings that can only be found on

Our objective is simple, Create a virtual brick and mortar products and services experience and deliver it in the very best way possible to our members and advertisers. The Powerboating companies of this industry are overpaying for banner ads by about 3000%. If you were to really break down what the return is for the amount paid for a banner ad, the cost is crazy and banner ads just don’t provide any real connection or engagement. We feel obligated to give you our members and those that support our future more. Were committed to providing improved product information and media distribution at a much better value than has ever been offered in this segment of the industry. This is not just about branding and brand recognition is it is about the relationship these companies are committed to making with you and our commitment to the betterment of the Powerboating Experience.