Very seldom does a product come along that extends the life of an engine that is affordable. Well the folks at KE Performance have just done it. It’s no hidden secret that long hard runs at increased engine rpm’s in any high performance boat is brutally tough on the engine’s valve springs. Heat and harmonics are constantly beating your engine valve springs to death. The cure has always been valve spring oilers. By spraying the engine oil on the valve springs the temperature of the spring can be reduced thus extending the life span of the springs dramatically. Valve spring oilers are an industry standard in many forms of professional motorsports. Unfortunately until now this option has been costly but those days are over. KE Performance has launched a new affordable valve spring oiler system that is within any boaters budget. These billet aluminum valve cover rails sandwich between your engines valve cover and the cylinder head and are easily plumbed with oil from your boats remote oil filter or engine block port. The valve spring oiler rails are 3/8″ thick and incorporates 8 precision oil metering spray ports that deliver jets of additional oil towards the valve spring. Simple single oil inlets per rail provide ease of plumbing. Sold in pairs for big block Chevrolet engines. $189.95 per pair.

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