These days we hear a lot of talk about marine engines in the 1350HP range and even up to the extreme products from custom engine builders such as BoostPower USA’s 2200HP killer. But when we hear numbers like 8000HP, 250 plus MPH, and a chance at a virtual ride along, -well they’ve got our attention and we know we’ve got yours as well. At what could be considered a professional “Gearheads” level. What I mean by that is if it makes more power than anything else on the water and if goes that fast then we all need to pay attention. There are few things on earth more thrilling to watch than drag boats. So when the guys at Kahn Media produced this new video featuring the world record-top fuel hydro “Problem Child”, we just had to share it with you all.

While all of us here can relate to boat speed at some level drag boats are the fasted boats on the water. Top Fuel Hydros are incredible machines and use the very same 8,000 horsepower, supercharged, nitro-burning, 500 cubic inch Hemi engines as a Top Fuel Dragster and Funny Car’s do. In fact, the Problem Child team has an association with the Kalitta Motorsports NHRA team, which certainly pays dividends with the close crossover in parts and technology. The “Problem Child” boat, owned by “Fast” Eddie Knox, is the reigning Lucas Oil Drag Boat Series Top Fuel world champion and holds the 15 quickest 1,000-foot elapsed times in history, including the current 3.396, 258.26 mph national records. The boat has been quicker yet, however, having recorded a 3.36 last season and a speed of over 260 mph.

The video here captures the “Problem Child” team and its driver Darryl Ehrlich as they competed at the recent Lake Irvine Classic in Irvine, Calif. as the team went on to another event title Rocketing to a 3.42 at 253 mph over a light rippled lake surface. Enjoy as hells fury breaks loose and Ehrlich takes his hands from the holding rope, pulls the canopy lid down, and lets the monster eat! Ride Along!