Finding the best prop for your boat can be a challenge. One that performs best during all kinds of load conditions, sea conditions and does it all to the very best efficiency can be difficult. I recently had my labbed props reworked by BBlades and the results were impressive.

“Lab Finishing” for stainless steel wheels can improve the specific performance characteristics of standard propellers, and BBLADES has decade’s worth of prop geometry formulas to get your props just right for your boat and setup.. BBLADES normally handles the entire consultation by phone direcly with each of their customers. This is done at no additional charge. My situation was a little different, lucky for us during last February’s Miami Boat show the PowerBoat Nation booth was just across the aisle from the BBLADES booth. I was bale to lug my props to the show and have a easy and a little more personal consultation.

Before the re work the boat was a little hard to plane, acceleration was down and prop slip was 18% running at 5200 RPM. Yes sir only 79 MPH. So I lugged my props to Brett at theBBlades booth during the Miami Boat Show and he immediately knew what to do.

In short, the tips were modified and the edges reworked, They reworked each blade to match and then sent them back in their custom BBLADES packaging.

After this rework: Boat planes off very well, mid range acceleration is back and top end improved a little now running 83 at 5200 for 15% prop slip.

Most impressive to me was the 4000 rpm cruise. The CIGARETTE is running 65 MPH and seems to handle so much better at this speed. Before I would have to run 4300-4500 to get 65 MPH.

There is a potentially a better prop for my application. It has 5 Blades and is available but, I need to save some nickels. When that purchase is made I will let you know what the results are. The biggest takeaway from this deal is just because your props are already labbed they may not be what you need and a little rework can really make a difference.