Hope you like scorchers – this weekend’s Big Cat Poker Run saw temperatures from 90 up to the low 100s. To some that might be a good reason to stay inside, but for most powerboaters on the Sacramento River Delta the exceptional weather was an even bigger incentive to hit the water. It certainly didn’t deter too many, with over 60 boats soaking up the sun at the event in Discovery Bay, Stockton. The weekend began on Friday with a lunch run, led by local boaters who give a tour of the Delta to out of towners. A welcoming party and registration follows before the main course on Saturday. After a potent dose of fun in the sun, evening parties crowned both nights.

Many dedicated participants help in organizing the event, but recently the brunt of organizing the event fell to the Discovery Bay Lions Club, who is sponsored in part by many great companies such as DCB, Wozencraft Insurance and Imco. The final amount hasn’t been counted yet, but all proceeds from the event help the Discovery Bay Lions Club support charities for visually impaired children.