The Super Boat International Space Coast Grand Prix has always been about fast boats, rough water, and lots of air time over its storied seven year history. But this year the ocean cooperated, to our disappointment, and made for fairly placid sea conditions for most of the racing. However, despite losing a little bit of the pzazz, the races made for great entertainment for the masses gathering along the beaches and piers in the sunny weather. Let’s get racing!

This year’s big win goes to the awesome team at Performance Boat Center that took home their first win ever in the Super Boat class. Running their classic Skater 388, throttleman John Tomlinson and driver Myrick Coil only spent 2 laps outside of first place before overtaking WHM Motorsports and maintaining that lead for the rest of the race to take home the checkered flag.

Coming in third after falling behind WHM Motorsports (5th) and Cleveland Construction (2nd) initally were Grant Bruggermann and Jake Noble in the cockpit of the STIHL team’s new 38-foot Skater. Jake Noble, making his debut in superboat-class racing, hung on to third place for about a third of the race before dropping to fourth, and then jumping back into third after WHM Motorsports pulled out with a mechanical issue.

Well known shootout duo, Driver Kenny Mungle and throttleman Michael Lee Lockwood, also made their offshore racing debut in their recently acquired Gone Again/STIHL 388 Skater, taking home fourth place in what we can only imagine was a blast for the two circuit rookies.

Starting off the season with some interesting developments, it’s sure to ramp up really quickly and old rivalries are going to surface, making this one exciting racing season!

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(Featured Image Courtesy of Pete Boden / Shoot 2 Thrill Pix)