When you are looking to change your powerboating lifestyle, selling your boat can be one of the worst experiences of your boating life. Why? Between the Tire Kickers, financing, trades, taking the time to show it, explaining it over and over again and for the most part never getting the amount of cash you were expecting or wanting to get. The entire process is fatiguing and disheartening.

If you leave it up to chance and chose from one of the brokers around think about this. Often the brokers don’t have actually control or custody of the boats they represent. They have to rely on you, the boat owner, marina, or other facility to make sure everything is ready for a showing and many times it’s a last minute deal where a perspective buyer has just flown in to town. The boat is dirty, batteries are dead, hatch rams don’t work, fuel leaks, faulty electronics, the list can go on and on which obviously deters some buyers away and for the ones that remain interested it begins the back and forth negotiations that unnecessarily bring the final selling price down.

Acknowledging there are numerous choices the question is merely identifying who can serve your needs best and in today’s market there is one choice that doesn’t view themselves as your option but truly your solution. Scott Sjogren and his team at Pier 57 has positioned themselves to be one of the highest volume powerboating outlets in the country.

Since 2003 Pier 57 (formerly Shogren Performance) has been leading the way in used boat sales, trades, and consignments. When your boat is sold through Pier 57, the boat is underroof at their 45,000 square foot indoor heated facility. The boats are thoroughly detailed, kept clean and dust free, and all of the little things are noted and repaired. When it comes time for the showing there is never a last minute rush because the batteries are kept charged, the hatch ramps go up and down, no leaks, drips, or errors. Potential buyers can fly into one of three major airports and in no time be greeted in a professional showroom with sales staff, fully certified service technicians, and administrative support to detail every aspect of the deal. Financing, surveys, insurance, transportation, documentation and registration, everything all in house at one time.

On Pier 57’s website buyers can view more pictures of the boat than anywhere else, they can see photos of the engine scans and any defects, chips in the paint, or other minor flaws are pointed out, right up front to remove any surprises or unexpected potential problems with the showing of your boat. True transparency in the boat and in the deal.

TRADES for your used boat? This usually means the seller has to take the trade or cover it in the final sales price. Pier 57 can and will “Take All Trades” Long time general manager Greg Weber told us “We really can and do take all trades! Boats, cars, trucks, motorhomes, monster trucks, and even airplanes. We have done it and will continue too which gives sellers so many more options to potential buyers. Pier 57 has the financial stability and track record to get deals done that others just can’t touch.”

So what’s the catch or cost? Nothing up front is ever charged to the seller. Everything is done in house and is included in the closing statement to the seller. Simple, hassle free and most importantly a truly professional dealer customer sales arrangement that continues to bring referral and repeat customers to Pier 57.

“We didn’t build this overnight” said Sjogren “We have a tremendous amount of repeat and referral customers and this is a testament to our mission statement and core values. We treat everyone fairly, honestly, and only deliver the truth. Our reputation is everything”

Professionalism in the Performance Boat Business. A refreshing and revealing look into the operations at Pier 57!