DCB Recently finished up their 2014 regatta which was described as the Best Ever Regatta and just this week they are in full swing preparing for the Monster Bash Charity Poker Run at Lake Havasu where they are the premier sponsor. Currently in production they have a 31, 29, 35, and recently delivered 3 brand new boats. They will be delivering a new M 29 with 700 Mercury’s and NXT drives to Monster Bash.

DCB has something special for sure. The DCB Team does it all to perfection and they have established a fiercely loyal group of customers who just naturally or maybe organically attract others who want to belong and they only way to become a “belonger” is to buy a DCB.

In this world that seems to circle back and repeat itself most boat builders are chasing the customers and building different boats. Center Consoles, Crossovers, and other styles of open boats with outboards to give their existing customer base something else to go to.

What DCB won’t do is change their directions or sacrifice their vision and mission to continue to build the very best catamarans in the world. With exact measurable precision, building performance catamarans is all they do. You can have one from 29 to 41 feet, you can ask for a variety of power options, you can pick the color and appointment options. But don’t ask them to build you a fish boat. Even if it doesn’t have rod holders, and not that anyone would, but the point is they don’t have too. DCB is that rare combination of a great group that has come to a point to where they have reached the peak of Bruce Tuckman’s theory of group dynamics. They were formed, they stormed, they normed, and now they just flat out PERFORM!

This higher level of a professional business with a performance team culture is really rare. I am not sure if it was planned for just happened but it doesn’t matter. Keeping the final objective in the forefront the DCB Team delivers and their customers know it. The allegiance of their customer base speaks volumes for what they have achieved and if you want to become a DCB “belonger” you have two choices: Find a used boat and buy it quickly, or call DCB put down a deposit and wait because the list for new boats is long and full of existing “belongers” in front of you.

Speed, agility, performance, style, and a level of appointment and attention to detail that is unsurpassed in boating. This statement is not opinion, it is measurable.

Look for DCB to be at the 2015 Miami Boat Show and stay tuned for some other news that will make you want one even more!