As we all know, the team at Sixteen Power derives their name from their love of and dedication to building the industry’s highest performing, naturally aspirated 16 cylinder engines.

The Sixteen Power guys have had their heads down working hard on the 1100 HP model shown in the video. This power level coming from 854 cu in and 16 cylinders is going to be very reliable, with peak power occurring at 5800 rpm.

The 1100 version of the engine is aimed at customers who want reliable power without supercharging or turbo charging, but surprisingly, it has also attracted the attention of boat builders looking for an upgrade option to inline 6 cylinder diesel engines. With similar physical dimensions the V16 fits in the same hole and has the same torque, but a much larger RPM range and twice the power.

Of course, as often happens in this business, there is also a lot of interest at the opposite end of the scale i.e. 2000 HP. When you are starting at 1100 HP naturally aspirated, this power level can be accomplished with moderate boost and without turning the engine into a grenade.

As they continue to tweak and refine both powerhouses we can expect to see increased performance and reliability, further defining Sixteen Power as one of the lead high performance engine builders in the boating world.

Watch the Video Here.