One of the things we have been working on behind the scenes is the new details and development coming from SKATER POWERBOATS. Some great news that we at PowerBoatNation have been holding back was recently debuted to the public at the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout.

A cool new feature on Dave Valentines brand new F-22 Raptor themed, 426 SKATER is the integrated flush gauges. This idea has been a project in the brain trust of the new owner and SKATER Powerboats for some time and through a resourceful collaboration of efforts with the guys at HARDIN MARINE the vision has become a reality and a huge success.

Not one SKATER is the same as another and this custom approach can be taken to any level. The idea was really spawned by the new boat owner as he designed the gauge faces for use in the new instruments. SKATER took over from there and relied on he talents and machining capabilities of HARDIN MARINE to provide the unique lenses that could be integrated into the dash.

The style and art of this new gauge set up is sure to bring out new and interesting configurations well beyond drilling a hole and placing a manufactured gauge within.

This finished part is so cool that it provides a finish rarely seen beyond what you would find in the high end automotive market and is a small step toward what the future of what can be done within the powerboat world.

Congratulations guys! A stunning boats with some industry leading features.