On August 21st 2013 a 399 Skater V-bottom broke Boating Magazine’s New York to Bermuda challenge in just 15 Hours and 48 minutes to cover the wide open expanse of ocean.

Yesterday at the 2014 Miami boat Show Representatives from Boating Magazine Presented the boat operators Chris Fertig and Tyson Garvin awards for recognition of this accomplishment.

Specifically noted was how well, how fast, and how durable this specially prepared Skater is. The boat was originally built by Skater to show the military and law enforcement market just how capable this craft was. Rigged with diesel engines and Arneson Drives the boat has performed beyond all expectations.

Congratulations to all for a great job and to Boating Magazine for supporting this Challenge.

Skater 399 Boat Specifications

Tyson Garvin and Chris Fertig
Model – 399 V-hull
Material – Carbon/Kevlar
Engines – Twin 5.9L, 480hp Cummins
Transmissions – ZF Two speeds
Drives – Arneson #8s

Fast cruise – 78mph @ 2mpg (light load)
Top speed – 84mph (light load)