Well it seems no matter how hard Mercury tries to keep their latest endeavor under wraps that good old need of social media to get the word out right now just cannot be contained. Thanks to some individuals abroad and their quick clicks on Facebook last week they let go on something that has been hanging around for years. Google Mercury 400 HP Outboard and you will find all the way back to 2010 there was talk about what is expected to be unveiled in Miami in a few weeks.

This is exciting news for sure and not unlike the Sneak Leaks about the new Ford GT that were coming from all over the auto media outlets before the car was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show the leaks create more excitement and attention to the actual reveal, especially in the modern social media world we are in.

The guys across the pond couldn’t keep the secret and while all the details and the actual pictures may be different the news is coming and it should be great.

While we are told it is based off of the popular 350HP supercharged outboard but in a hopped up version the facts are details are still scarce. But you can count on this being one of Mercury’s displays cloaked in a black sheet and set to be unveiled to the public at this years Miami International Boat Show and we are sure the crowd around the reveal will be much bigger than it would be if the sneak didn’t get leaked.