In what has possibly been one of the most tumultuous boat ownership fiasco’s of the modern era, it looks as if the right guy has finally taken the helm at Sonic Powerboats. As we catch up with he who is now know as the good “Tony” meaning Tony Canale (Previous owner ship was Anthony “Tony” Frisini ) we’re thrilled to see that his life long earned good reputation and huge investment and commitment to the brand is making waves for Sonic Powerboats in 2018.

When pressed for how the transition of the brand has gone, Tony points out he wasn’t widely aware of the damage to the brands image the previous owner left in his wake. Both vendor and customer relations has been a huge focus.

“It was probably the worst scenario in that the previous owners first name was also mine had caused much confusion.” mentioned Tony.

But a year into the transition and millions invested in modernization of the boats construction process load to the fact that they were now building the best boats SONIC has ever built.

“We have ethics and commitment to the brand that the brand hasn’t seen in a decade.” – Tony Canale

Tony noted that he’s really proud of the confidence they’ve inspired in the brand. Sonic has recently added two new incredible dealers to their network, Aqua-mania in Alexander Bay, NY and Davis Water Sports in Richmond, Virginia growing what will become a strong team of people representing and selling the product that share their same philosophies.

Tony pointed out that the brand is in development of many new projects that will continue to showcase just how competitive the brand and its products are in the modern marine market place.