The success stories continue to flood in from new and old customers as Marine Design Corporation doubles down on its reputation for being able to achieve high performance and unparalleled reliability where previously thought not possible.

Both the DriveGuardian and the DriveSync offered by MDC are experiencing a substantial increase in demand as more and more race teams and individual boaters hear of the user verifiable improvements that come with the installation of one or more of MDC’s industry changing products. You can’t argue with the facts! Want better performance? Start with MDC.

The improvements seen by the DriveGuardian are clear. Lilly Sport Boats has been running the DriveGuardian all season long and according to Brit Lilly, they have seen a dramatic improvement in the condition of his drives.

Another testament to the success of MDC is that Smith Brothers and Saris Racing which have been racing with the DriveGuardian for some time now continue to win their classes event after event with minimal wear and damage to the drives as well as other connected components. If a winning race team swears by it, odds are it’s something you need to fully explore! Don’t shy away because you may think this is simply for those that race. The products that MDC offers will undoubtedly benefit you no matter what you do with your boat.

Furthermore, MDC’s DriveGuardian is so well built that even applications not using it for its specific purpose still benefit the boater in more ways than one. At LOTO this year Mike gave Texas Outlaw Challenge contestant Tyler Crocket a call to see how he was connecting his drive to the boats insane 2,200 HP blown alcohol engine. After learning that he was only using a stock rubber Bravo coupler that resulted in his needing to replace it after every single race, Mike built him a standard DriveGuardian and set the breakaway torque to 2,000 ft-lbs. While the specific function of the DriveGuardian had no purpose in this application, the sheer sturdiness and reliability of the piece allowed Tyler to make more than just a few runs without having to make any repairs or modifications.

To finish it off, Andrei Allen of Allen Landscaping won a Top Gun award in his class while operating with the DriveGuardian. And the well known Team GONE AGAIN guys are using the DriveSync for both their shootouts and offshore races now!

There is nothing that speaks volumes like firsthand accounts from racers and boaters using this revolutionary performance product. So take it from the best of the best, and see what Marine Design Corporation can do for you!